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Gestation started in late 2001, and lots of people have been working on it, making it happen, enjoying it (or not), and with just one last push we’ll have given birth to ….

A new Parish, and new Council, for the residents of Arbury Park.

The amount of effort is incredible – we started with the planning application in December 2001, and there were monthly meetings to look at all sorts of topics. Then there were the meetings full of lawyers (including one for the Parish Council, but funded by the developer) to discuss the Section 106 agreement. That’s the legal agreement that covered what the developer was committed to do, pay for etc. Nine Councils and businesses were signatories, so getting agreement wasn’t easy – even signing it, in multiple places, and with a master for each, took a few hours.

Planning permission, with lots of conditions, was finally granted in June 2005 – since when the roads, drains etc have been installed, and lots more planning applications (more than 60) giving the details of housing, schools, business, community facilities have all come through.

And then the “community governance review” – ie the look at whether it would be a separate Parish or something else. That started last year, met a pause last October whilst South Cambridgeshire District Council started to worry about the Cambridge City boundary, and finally got to Electoral Arrangements Committee on Tuesday with a recommendation to create the Parish.

Full Council needs to confirm that (and they did on July 17th) – and then its just the details, when (as soon as possible was agreed), who (9 Councillors to find), name – Orchard Park Community Council – elections, find a Parish Clerk, hold the first meeting and elect the Chairman. Papers & money to transfer – and they can have my 4000+ emails if they want ….

The right decision, a new community that ought to have its own Council and Councillors representing it.

Well done everyone ….

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