Guided Busway to Open in April? (April 2010, 2011, 2015 ?)

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Tuesday 16 March 2010:

CCC met today to consider the report released last week.
From the Chief Exec’s blog:
Finally, Cabinet considered a progress report regarding the Guided Busway. Cllr Roy Pegram made the following statement:

“Senior staff from Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) and BAM Nuttall Ltd (BNL) have met to consider further the outstanding issues holding up completion of the northern section of the Guideway as set out in the report to CCC Cabinet, dispatched last week and being considered today.

“The meeting was productive and actions have been agreed by both parties, commencing with early technical meetings this week, which if carried through, should lead to the resolution of the issues.

“Both parties have agreed that these actions will be monitored by the respective chief executives over the next five days, ahead of a further senior level meeting at the end of the month.

“One of the issues is the Busway’s maintenance track that is currently under water in some areas.

“CCC and BNL have agreed that these areas need to be raised, a process that will require liaison with the Environment Agency because of flood storage issues in the flood plain. The good news is that any work on this could be carried out whilst the Busway is operational, so the work, which needs drier conditions, will not prevent the Busway opening.

“CCC and BNL wish to see the Busway operational as soon as possible and have agreed to use the procedures laid out in the contract to progress the outstanding issues.

“Provided there is the expected progress during the coming weeks, both parties are hopeful that it will be possible to indicate by the middle of April the target date for trialling and then operating the Busway.  [That doesn't mean it will start in April! It will be announced - maybe - when it might start.  - ed.]

“CCC and BNL remain resolutely of the view that once completed the Busway will provide the high quality, well-used and successful service we always anticipated.”

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