BREAKING NEWS: Guided Bus DELAYED … until 2015?

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Delayed until 2015?

Delayed until 2015?

News is leaking out of the Cambridgeshire County Council suggesting that it may be 2015 before the guided bus is running.  It looks as if contract and construction disputes between BAM Nutall and the county council may take years to resolve.

There will be many news media stories about this in coming days.  But the HI Courier has obtained the report being submitted to the Cambridgeshire County Council next Tuesday 16th March 2010,  10.00 a.m., Kreis Viersen Room, Shire Hall, CAMBRIDGE

You can find the report  here. (  )
Watch this space and our April issue for more details – and ‘no’ it isn’t an April Fool’s joke – but a very sad state of affairs that is likely to get even worse than it now appears.

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2 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Guided Bus DELAYED … until 2015?”
  1. jon says:

    This ridiculous scheme was doomed from the start, so many people objected to it, yet the Council still blindly went ahead.

    Id love to go to C.C.C. now and tell those that decided that this was what Cambridge needed ‘I told you so’.

    Seriously, its been a complete waste of resources and tax payers money. So much more could have been achieved by putting the ever increasing ‘money pot’ into education and health services. And with any spare money they could have made a very attractive cycle route to run along the stretch of track linking areas of natural environmental interest. Or, they should have just listened harder to CAST IRONS alternatives?

    As it is, we have a lovely slab of concrete running across Cambridgeshire and a cycle route that comprises of un-even sharp gravel chippings and pot holes, well done C.C.C. im so glad you have invested my council tax wisely.

  2. Tarkaman says:

    There is a general election due…time to make your vote count. However, it is usually the senior officers at County Hall to blame not the members who are sold the scheme by these unelected, overpaid, underworked bureaucrats – Vote to sack the head of Transport at CCC.

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