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There are hundreds of small businesses operating from homes in Histon and Impington.  Most of the services we need for maintaining our homes can be provided by our neighbours.  How many do we know and call upon? 

The HI Courier is starting a special ‘Business Card’ section to make it easy to find these services when you need them. By keeping our services local we increase the amount of cash that stays within the village. That will make a big difference to local fund raising efforts. Times are tough and with government budget cuts it’s important for us to support one another.

Here’s a note from Martin Wilde to anyone who provides services from their home or small business:

“The Histon and Impington Courier – the excellent free paper delivered monthly to every home in the twin villages – is now doing a special ‘business card’ feature in which it will print – full size and in colour – your standard sized business card in the paper for a whole year for only £100.

“That’s an amazing £8.33 per issue for 12 issues!

“It’s very easy to sign up for this offer – just complete the attached form, clip a couple of business cards to it, pop in your cheque for £100, and send it to the Courier.

“The copy deadline for the next edition is fast approaching (22nd November) so please hurry if you want your business card to be seen in every household in the village over the Christmas period!

“If you have any queries, please contact me.”
- Martin Wilde 07952 635518

Download our Business Card Advertising order form.

A big 'thank you' goes to Hollyoak Veterinary Surgery in Impington for their financial and technical support. Without it this website would not be possible.

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