URGENT -Guided Bus WARNING – Please Read!

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We have received three independent reports in the past 24 hours that FULL SPEED tests on the guided busway have been planned for early December without public notice.  Parish councils have asked to be informed of the dates so people can be notified, however, it is uncertain if this will happen.   They were told that anyone who uses the guided busway track is technically trespassing.  The implication was that any injuries are solely the responsibility of the trespasser. 

 As we all know, the unused busway has become a de-facto bike way, walking path, and dog exercise area.  Go any day and you will see scores of people using it including many school children.  The lack of any signage to warn them it is unsafe means that the public has been placed in a position of unacceptable risk. 

The tests are to be carried out at ‘full speed’ – meaning 50-60 mph – and may begin as early as this Wednesday 1st December.   Those using the track as a cycle way may suddenly be surprised by a speeding guided bus coming up fast from behind.  Injury or death could result. 

Please spread the warning about these tests to everyone you know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

- Editor

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2 Responses to “URGENT -Guided Bus WARNING – Please Read!”
  1. Paul Walford says:

    What an appalling attitude by the County Council – arrogant disregard for the residents of Histon and Impington. the reason people are using the busway is simply because of the danger and unpleasant route into town along major carfilled roads!

  2. Jack Thompson says:

    > They were told that anyone who uses the guided busway track is technically trespassing

    What about those pedestrians that cross the busway quite legally at the many crossing points? Over the last few years, they’ve all got used to wandering across without having to look out for the mythical buses. They’ll have to retrain themselves to actually look out for traffic, and some warning would be nice.

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