Yellow Pages Salesmen?

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Do you have a home or small business? Are Yellow Pages Salesmen Driving You Crazy? Are you fed up with HIGH costs and diminishing returns?

This is the season for spending a lot of money on questionable yellow pages ads.  At one time not very long ago the Yellow Pages was essential for any business, now reports are coming in that it’s too expensive and infrequenctly used.  The key for smaller businesses is local advertising that targets your potential customers. 

If you are doing business in Histon and Impington and want to reach every household, every month for a year then our new Business Card advertising section will be of interest to you.  The cost is a flat £100 to put your business card in 12 issues of the HI Courier. That’s only £8.33 per month.  The card is in FULL colour and can be up to a standard card size of 85mm by 55mm.

If you offer services to the village this is a cost effective way to reach your target customers.  Plus you’ll be supporting the village newspaper which is run ENTIRELY by volunteers (no one gets paid!).  It’s a much better deal than the Yellow Pages!

For a booking form see our website and look in the HELP section at the top of the page.  Or call 07904 876445 for more info.  We still have space in our December Issue for your Busines Card.

A big 'thank you' goes to Hollyoak Veterinary Surgery in Impington for their financial and technical support. Without it this website would not be possible.

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