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The next issue of the HI Courier NEWSPAPER is scheduled for publication on Thursday 14th July – right after Feast Week. This will be our annual summer issue.  We do not publish in August because so many of our volunteers are on holiday.  Publication of the newspaper will start again on 8th September.

However, the DIGITAL Edition (Website) will continue as usual throughout the summer. It is updated daily or as warrated   It reports village news 365 days a year!  To keep up with the latest news and event information go to www.hicourier.co.uk To get village news e-mailed to your inbox be sure to subscribe by entering your email address into the box in the upper right corner of the page.  We also have an RSS news feed for those using desktop news readers.

The NEWSPAPER edition is still the favourite of most people in the village. The deadline for the July-August issue is 6th July.  If you would like to submit an article or photos of Feast Week but they won’t be available until after this date then please let me know.  If you can tell me what to expect (approximate number of words and number of photos) then I will do my best to save space for it.

Our website www.HIcourier.co.uk is updated as warranted.  We have a e-mail subscriber list of over 400 villagers.  Whenever an announcement or news item is posted on the website an e-mail is sent to each and every one of those subscribers on the same day.  The HI Courier started out as a web based publication then branched out into a monthly newspaper.  Unfortunately many of the great features of the website have not been well used.  If your organisation wants to promote an event or issue a last minute reminder to the village you can do so in several different ways:  1- send an email to mail@hicourier.co.uk and ask for it to be posted on the website; 2 – link your website to ours using an RSS link; 3 – become a volunteer ‘author’ and log onto the HIcourier website to upload your news and photos at your convenience 24/7.  Contact me if you are interested.  We have some great features built into the website which unfortunately have been  underused for nearly three years.

Contact mail@hicourer.co.uk

A big 'thank you' goes to Hollyoak Veterinary Surgery in Impington for their financial and technical support. Without it this website would not be possible.

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