Village Energy Project Update -19 January 2012

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This afternoon Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne tabled a written ministerial statement.

“We are  laying before Parliament today some draft licence modifications which, subject to the Parliamentary process set out in the Energy Act 2008,  makes provision for a reduced tariff rate (from 1 April 2012 onwards) for new PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 3 March 2012.”

“If the Court finds in favour of the Government’s appeal, we intend to stand by all our consultation proposals, including an earlier (December) reference date, subject to the Parliamentary procedure and consideration of consultation responses.”

We are awaiting a ruling from The Court of Appeals due no sooner than tomorrow. There is some speculation that the decision may take at least another week.

Huhne’s statement continues: “”We are intending to announce the outcome of the consultation by 9 February 2012, in time for any resulting legislative changes to come into effect from 1 April 2012. Our aim is that this announcement will be accompanied by a set of reform proposals for the next phase of the comprehensive review of the FITs scheme, which will be the subject of a further consultation.”

Seb Berry, head of public affairs at Solarcentury, one of the successful plaintiffs at the High Court’s Judicial Review, urged the government to reconsider the spending cap for the feed-in tariff scheme: “The elephant in the room for all FIT technologies, not just PV, remains the Government’s decision to impose an unrealistic cap on the FIT scheme in 2010. Until that fundamental issue is addressed by the “greenest Government ever” what we have today is no more than a temporary albeit welcome step forwards.”

What does it all mean for us in the village? Well, the waters are only slightly less muddy than they were yesterday.

At this point, the 43p Feed-in-tariff is available until 3 March PROVIDING the Court of Appeals does not overturn the High Court decision.  If that should happen then a 21p rate will apply for all solar PV installation 4 kW or less. If you want to purchase solar PV then this is an excellent time to do so.  You can be sure of getting at least 21p and most likely 43p if you can install panels before 3 March.  If you act quickly you can take advantage of the excellent prices that are available at the moment. From an economics standpoint, your payback period will be similar to those who installed PV during the first year of the feed in tariff.

We are continuing to talk to those investors who are hoping to provide our FREE PV programme.  But for the moment there is still some uncertainty until the Court of Appeals ruling ends this sorry saga. Until that is resolved we cannot move forward to provide FREE PV panels. We will keep you informed as developments occur.

For those wanting new quotes to purchase Solar PV systems, please contact me soonest at 07402 674585 or

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