SCDC Approves Parish Joining

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The South Cambridgeshire Sistrict Council RESOLVED:

(a)               the making of a Grouping Order to group the Parish Councils of Histon and Impington; and

(b)               to delegate to the Chairman of the Electoral Arrangements Committee, in consultation with officers and the two parish councils, to finalise the wording of the Grouping Order.


Text of the draft order is at:

HI Courier Newspaper and DIGITAL editions

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The next issue of the HI Courier NEWSPAPER is scheduled for publication on Thursday 14th July – right after Feast Week. This will be our annual summer issue.  We do not publish in August because so many of our volunteers are on holiday.  Publication of the newspaper will start again on 8th September.

However, the DIGITAL Edition (Website) will continue as usual throughout the summer. It is updated daily or as warrated   It reports village news 365 days a year!  To keep up with the latest news and event information go to To get village news e-mailed to your inbox be sure to subscribe by entering your email address into the box in the upper right corner of the page.  We also have an RSS news feed for those using desktop news readers.

The NEWSPAPER edition is still the favourite of most people in the village. The deadline for the July-August issue is 6th July.  If you would like to submit an article or photos of Feast Week but they won’t be available until after this date then please let me know.  If you can tell me what to expect (approximate number of words and number of photos) then I will do my best to save space for it.

Our website is updated as warranted.  We have a e-mail subscriber list of over 400 villagers.  Whenever an announcement or news item is posted on the website an e-mail is sent to each and every one of those subscribers on the same day.  The HI Courier started out as a web based publication then branched out into a monthly newspaper.  Unfortunately many of the great features of the website have not been well used.  If your organisation wants to promote an event or issue a last minute reminder to the village you can do so in several different ways:  1- send an email to and ask for it to be posted on the website; 2 – link your website to ours using an RSS link; 3 – become a volunteer ‘author’ and log onto the HIcourier website to upload your news and photos at your convenience 24/7.  Contact me if you are interested.  We have some great features built into the website which unfortunately have been  underused for nearly three years.


‘Home’ Film Screening – Feast Week – Wed 6 July

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The HI Film Club presents
A visual masterpiece by
Yann Arthus-Bertrand

The Brackenbury Room
Impington Village College
New Road, Impington CB24 9LX
Wednesday, 6 July
7.15pm for 7.30pm
The film will be followed by a discussion
tea, coffee and homemade cakes
FREE Admission
For further info: or 01223 234588

April HI Courier Out Today

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The April HI Courier is being distributed door-to-door from today. You can also read a copy online by clicking on the NEWSPAPER tab at the top of the website menu. Or you can access the archive page directly at

Annual CRAFT FAIR – November 6th

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The Annual St. Andrews (Impington) Craft Fair is on 6th of November with 50 stalls.  It’s the perfect place to select unique Christmas gifts!  It starts at 10AM at IVC’s Grouius Hall.  Get there early for the best selection.  The Fair runs until 4pm.  Refreshments will be available because you are likely to be spending a lot of time visiting all of the stalls.  This is the BIG annual fair that you don’t want to miss.  More info from 01223 237063. Mark your calendars:

Annual St. Andrews (Impington)


Saturday November 6th

10AM – 4PM

Impington Village College

Over 50 Stalls


Perfect Place for Unique Christmas Gifts!


Candidate Reveals All in Cambridge

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Occassionally fate intervenes in elections and gives us a view into a candidate’s inner character. This is what happened on 19th April 2010 when Tony Juniper, Green Party parliamentary candidate in Cambridge, helped catch a burglar. The Cambridge News front page story reveals a man who realised that something was wrong, was quick off the blocks and got the job done without regard to his own personal safety.

Cambridge News, Monday 19 April 2010 (Click image to read story) 

New Website Feature: Full Newspaper Edition Online!

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Nearly all of our newspapers (print editions) are now available on our website (digital edition). Just click on the ‘newspaper’ button at the top of the page.

This feature does require a good broadband connection since each file is 10-20 Mb in size.   This is a work in progress and we hope to be adding a story index soon.  The file for our September 2009 issue was damaged but will be available soon.  Your comments are appreciated ( ).

In future, digital copies of our newspaper will appear here on the day of publication.

Guided Busway to Open in April? (April 2010, 2011, 2015 ?)

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Tuesday 16 March 2010:

CCC met today to consider the report released last week.
From the Chief Exec’s blog:
Finally, Cabinet considered a progress report regarding the Guided Busway. Cllr Roy Pegram made the following statement:

“Senior staff from Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) and BAM Nuttall Ltd (BNL) have met to consider further the outstanding issues holding up completion of the northern section of the Guideway as set out in the report to CCC Cabinet, dispatched last week and being considered today.

“The meeting was productive and actions have been agreed by both parties, commencing with early technical meetings this week, which if carried through, should lead to the resolution of the issues.

“Both parties have agreed that these actions will be monitored by the respective chief executives over the next five days, ahead of a further senior level meeting at the end of the month.

“One of the issues is the Busway’s maintenance track that is currently under water in some areas.

“CCC and BNL have agreed that these areas need to be raised, a process that will require liaison with the Environment Agency because of flood storage issues in the flood plain. The good news is that any work on this could be carried out whilst the Busway is operational, so the work, which needs drier conditions, will not prevent the Busway opening.

“CCC and BNL wish to see the Busway operational as soon as possible and have agreed to use the procedures laid out in the contract to progress the outstanding issues.

“Provided there is the expected progress during the coming weeks, both parties are hopeful that it will be possible to indicate by the middle of April the target date for trialling and then operating the Busway.  [That doesn't mean it will start in April! It will be announced - maybe - when it might start.  - ed.]

“CCC and BNL remain resolutely of the view that once completed the Busway will provide the high quality, well-used and successful service we always anticipated.”

BREAKING NEWS: Guided Bus DELAYED … until 2015?

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Delayed until 2015?

Delayed until 2015?

News is leaking out of the Cambridgeshire County Council suggesting that it may be 2015 before the guided bus is running.  It looks as if contract and construction disputes between BAM Nutall and the county council may take years to resolve.

There will be many news media stories about this in coming days.  But the HI Courier has obtained the report being submitted to the Cambridgeshire County Council next Tuesday 16th March 2010,  10.00 a.m., Kreis Viersen Room, Shire Hall, CAMBRIDGE

You can find the report  here. (  )
Watch this space and our April issue for more details – and ‘no’ it isn’t an April Fool’s joke – but a very sad state of affairs that is likely to get even worse than it now appears.

MOT Voucher Auction

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Number of Bids to date: 0   High Bid:  n/a

Buckingham & Stanley have generously donated an MOT voucher with a retail value of £54 to the Play Area project. It expires at the end of this month, so the project organisers have asked the HI Courier to see if we can auction it to the highest bidder. Because of time constraints, the auction will begin on 4th March and run until 11:59:59pm on March 15th.  Bids can be made by email to   Each evening we will update the highest bid on our website – no name will be given only the amount of the current highest bid.
Remember this voucher is only valid for an MOT until 31/03/2010. All proceeds go to The Rec Playarea Project. Good luck!

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