Childcare and Education

 Ante Natal

  • Cambridge NCT – Histon & Impington Post & Ante Natal Support Group: e-group

Pre-school play, playgroups

Special Needs

  • Impington Opportunity Playgroup, Barbara McCrossan, Impington Village College, 01480 469203
  • Camtrust a social enterprise specialising in tutoring adults with disabilities in a commercial environment

Out of school group

NB See, for all of the above, also Opportunity Links

Schools (4)

The school inspection reports are accessible via OFSTED.

PTA etc

  • Histon & Impington Infant School Association: Paul Malpas, 529522
  • Histon Junior School P T A: Mrs M Emmines, 233216

Adult education courses

Impington Village College Community Education, latest course schedule

NB The Opportunity Links training database gives information about a wide range of training courses, including those run at Impington Village College